Wall Banners/ Video backdrop

Teleconferencing is more popular than ever. In the busy world of business we need to save every minute we can. This is all the more vital today with the caution needed to combat the Corona Virus in our midst.

We have been printing custom wall art as well as commercial banners for businesses and the general public for several years. A lovely banner is a work of art, whether it is a photograph you've taken, a print of fine art, or your logo and other branding behind your chair in front of the camera. These company-promoting banners work great in waiting rooms and traditional conference rooms


Prints are available on linen or silk broadcloth

The prints on this page were all printed on silk broadcloth which is 40 inches wide.

Linen is 44 inches wide, and your print can be done up to 6 or 7 feet long on any fabric.

Prices in general are - for the full width of the material - as follows:

Cotton broadcloth is $22.25/ running foot for print only
Linen or silk broadcloth $26/ running foot for print only
Hemming with a wide hem on top is additional.

Email for precise prices donnalee.digitalsilk@gmail.com