Period Historical Hats, Novelty Hats, Warm Winter Hats, and more
by Fawnridge-Arts
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email: fawnridge-arts@juno.com

Period hats like the linen biggins are always available.
Because the hats are sold online and at fairs, not all in the photos may currently be available, but another can be made to order. Many hats are one of a kind. If you see a hat in the photos you like, email with questions about what hats are currently in stock.
I can make one especially for you.

Most hats are perfect for Renaissance faires or for Pirates and Time Traveler events.
I make noble & guild hats on order.

Viking caps are great in cold weather and the bandanas perfect for hot days.


basic $15 hats include Renaissance Biggins, arming caps, and Flemish & Elizabethan coifs
linen Viking caps, and two-color reversible velvet caps & popular bandanas

fur and wool hats start at $40 and are made to order. See below. Shipping and taxes not included.

NEW Witchy hats


Made from upholstery and other decor fabrics.
Lined in cottons and linens.
Each hat is unique and will not be repeated.
The taper in the hat makes the style fit most head sizes.
$50 each.

I can make these hats in any school, house or team colors

contact Kathy at fawnridge-arts@juno.com