Donnalee Dunne



In your choice of gorgeous fabrics, you can have your art printed on rolls that are 40 to 44 inches wide for wall hangings or long scarves. This option is a wonderful choice as well to composite more than one image into a larger print for savings over singly printed smaller files.

Note that the maximum width for most silks is 42", some are only 40" wide. Therefore I can't accommodate requests for scarves 53" square or 60 inches wide, or similar sizes that sometimes are desired. I have printed large window treatments & room dividers in panels, which often will work better than a very wide piece of fabric anyway.

These large prints are not hemmed unless requested, keeping the price as low as possible. Hand hemming available for an additional $2.25/ linear foot, and a wide hem at the top for hanging can be added on request.


only for prints 50" to 80" in length, 40-42 inches wide.
Composites OK.
For shorter prints see price list for scarves

Sorry, can't go longer than approximately 7 feet in one print.
The file is too large to print at the proper resolution.

All are 100% SILK (except the rayon challis, linen & bamboo)

Occasionally there are requests for a large print like these in a solid color (plain black as example), or an image that is mainly a solid color. Sorry, but I don't print several feet of one color that has no design or pattern or photo as the main area of printing.

The chart below shows sizes that are commonly requested. Email for specific sizes within these lengths

FABRIC 54 inches 60 inches 72 inches 80 inches
8mm Habotai $92 $102 $122 $135
12mmCrepe de Chine, organza, rayon challis, 3.5 oz Belgian linen,
16mm crepe de chine
$102 $112 $130 $151
georgette, 16mm Habotai $106 $118 $142 $158
chiffon, 14mm satin twill, broadcloth,
bamboo/ rayon, 19mm dupion
$111 $123 $148 $164
18mm od 23nn crepe de chine $125 $140 $165 $180

The silk fabrics are 40 - 42 inches wide
The linen and bamboo/rayon are 44 inches wide

Length of print is limited by the file size Photoshop can handle. See the HOW-TO page for cleaning instructions.

The fabric will be printed just as you send it to us. In other words, it will be an all-over print. We won't alter your design so be sure it will be of a proportion of width to height that will work for you. Printing resolution is 360 dpi. Obviously this will be a huge file, so you can scale it down to no less than half size in both dimensions, keeping the resolution at 360. Huge files can be sent through websites offering that service. If you only send a file with a smaller image to be repeated along the entire print, the top of the file must match the bottom of that file so it lines up perfectly placing one next to the previous. This requires considerable work, and if you don't know how, our graphic designer is available at a rate of $30/ hour (partial hours OK) and a small copy will be sent to you for your approval prior to printing.


The examples above are in proportion for a 2-yard print. The original on the right measures 42 inches wide by 72 inches high. This is the file that the jacket on the left (below) was cut from. It is an all-over pattern that repeats seamlessly.You can see the proportion and hopefully get some ideas. The other 3 examples are for long scarves - 60 to 72 inches long and about 16 inches wide. On the left is a photo of red berries on a bush that was copied, turned, reversed into an all over design. The center shows how a smaller image can be duplicated several times to make a long scarf. The flower drawing one has the original file on both ends and an abstract of it in the center. Instructions on making designs like these are in the publication Digital Silk Winter 2016 issue

Above are garments made from two-yard prints of original designs. On the left is Belgian linen, center - Crepe de Chine, and broadcloth on right.


You can send the fileon a CD, or through a file exchange website such as ''. Email first if you have questions.