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Your Art Printed on cotton fabric for making masks

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Your art will be printed on 100% cotton fabric - which is 44 inches wide. This allows 3 mask fronts to be printed across.

1 - Select your art work or photograph. The pattern is 6.5 inches square, so the painting or photo or drawing should be small or scaled down. Send me the image file and I can resize if you prefer

2 - The image will then be mirrored so both sides of the mask are the same. If you prefer to have the whole art work over both sides of the mask, let me know. Just know there will be a narrow triangle shape removed in front when cutting the pattern.

3 - A pattern for the mask will be emailed to you. This is a PDF file which is the correct size when printed on your printer.
The pattern includes a front and a back piece. The front will be your art. The back (lining) will need regular cotton or cotton blend fabric. Don't use the printed art for the lining, You will also need a little elastic or bias tape for ties.

The pattern is very easy and comes with directions. It will take about 20 minutes to cut and sew.

Email with questions or to order.

Below is what your print on cotton fabric will look like. Three squares on the left, and their mirror imaged three on the right, equal three mask fronts.

Below is what one of the squares looks like with the pattern shape. You would turn the pattern around (flip horizontal) for the other side of the mask. Notice which part of the cotton square will actually be in the mask, and which small area will be cut off .
(The lining pattern is slightly smaller but would cut out the same - instructions included)

a finished mask

We are entering Wedding Season - custom masks can be part of your wedding attire! Orders now being taken for special occasions on silk twill (washable)



One row of 3 mask fronts ( one row of 6 squares, as shown above, printed across the fabric) $18.00

Two rows (6 mask fronts) $28

One yard (actually 39 inches) which will make 18 mask fronts from your art - $70

(plus shipping)

The masks can be different images. They do not have to be all alike.

If you have another pattern, send me the dimensions and I'll accommodate.


The cotton fabric is washable, machine wash OK, hand washing preferred.

If you do not sew, there are hundreds of mask makers around the country. If you cannot find anyone, email here .