I love being able to fulfill your requests. Most of the time I can.
I am limited, however in some aspects.

Sometimes there are inquiries for printing a file that is wider than the printer. Often the file can be modified to work just fine. The fabric rolls are between 40 and 44 inches wide.

Frequently there are inquires for a large number of prints or scarves. I can print quite a number of un-hemmed prints in one order. However hemmed scarves are hand rolled and take time. Inquire on turn-around time for orders over 10 or 15 scarves or wall hangings. I often do a print-on-demand option when people need more than that.

Once in awhile someone asks to send their own fabric to print. Sorry, can't do that as the printer requires paper-backed rolls of fabric that has been specially treated to give the wonderful colors it does.

FYI, there are companies out there that can print huge amounts of scarves in a short time, or can print 60 or 90 inches wide. That requires a printer that uses chemical fixing of the fabric, steaming and other methods in the operation. My printers use pigment, not harsh strong smelling chemicals. Yes, I considered adding other options, but would have to be in another facility to do that and won't be doing so at this time.

I enjoy printing and finishing your items here in my home . I love the intimacy of small edition prints for you fine artists and photographers. And I love the chatty conversations through email and getting to know you and your art.

I don't want to lose any of that by 'going large'.