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5 ideas to CREATE WALL ART
for your HOME

I have been printing wall hangings (wall art as some call it) for artists and photographers for several years. And have printed my own art for gallery exhibitions for over twenty years. There is little difference between a silk print hanging on a wall or a silk print worn as a scarf.

  • In general scarves are either square or long and narrow. It is hard to wear a scarf that is a short rectangle. A short rectangle is perfect proportion for a print on the wall. You can put a square print anywhere, but a long narrow print needs a very high ceiling to hang on the wall properly. Examples
wall hanging square wall art tall wall art
  • In general scarves are printed on lighter weight silk. However I have printed very gossamer silk prints to hang in a gallery which were very effective.


  • Other than those variables, the main difference is a silk print to hang on a wall usually needs a wide hem at the top (or top and bottom if preferred) to insert a rod to aid in hanging the silk. A frame of some kind is also a good way to hang art on a wall.
Idea #1 Photograph from your phone or other camera
A photo is an excellent proportion for a work of art on a wall. Whether the photo is horizontal or vertical or whether you crop it, it will work perfectly for this project. Your camera or phone likely has a way to enhance the image or crop it. If you have Photoshop or have downloaded Gimp you can have an image ready to print in no time. Photograph above is of sunrise reflection on a red car. Abstract photography makes great prints
Idea #2 Photo of your painting wall art

It is logical you would print a photo of a painting for a scarf. But why for a wall hanging? Perhaps for different size of the original, or you don't have the original any longer. Or to make adjustments to it because digitally you can.

Taking a photo of one of your paintings can be tricky to get the exact colors correct. If you take the photo yourself, try to have the light source even over the entire painting. If your camera has settings, use the largest resolution available. Most small cameras like the Canon Elph take very large file size.and this is good. If you need help I can straighten out a file, and make acceptable color adjustments.

The three above are photos of paintings shown in the same exhibition as these prints. They are smaller than the original paintings,and framed in bamboo. This is a fun project to print and easy to frame. In a garden supply store or department, find these curved bamboo stakes. Tie two together with cording - artificial sinew works great. Cut two short dowels for putting through wide hems top and bottom of the print. Tie these to the curved bamboo. Add another short piece of dowel at the back to hang by. Note - glue won't work on bamboo, the pieces will need to be tied together.
Idea #3 Computer generated image
This is a work of art you have done entirely on the computer software with drawing tools or shapes as in graphic design. Above print was done in Photoshop, only with software tools. No other imagery was added to the print
Idea #4 Digital Collage made from several of your drawings, photos or paintings
A composite of photos is a great way to memorialize an event and makes an excellent gift for family & friends at holiday time. As well, if you have a series of paintings grouped together into one print it can be a fun way to show them all at one time. Children's art is charming printed too.

The print above is a composite of several photos taken at that location that day. One way to make a collage is to group like-images in a manner similar to this.

The resulting print was 3x6 feet on canvas and hung in a gallery show.
Click on image to view the exhibition

Idea #5 Word Art word art
Text such as poetry can be added to a photo in many ways. One can purposely leave empty space in a painting or collage to add text, or it can be superimposed over it. Word Art can be entirely the poem done in various fonts and colors.

The photo above was taken in westen United States on a road trip. The poem was written for two grandsons who are veterans, and the resulting prints are hanging in their homes in Kentucky and California.

In making a print such as this with meaningful text, the photo or painting are 'married' to the words so both are of equal importance.


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