SOME OF YOU have been curious about the equipment we use and how things are done.

The printer is an Epson P9000, utilizing the latest technology for excellent color and durability of prints. Capable of prints up to 44 inches wide and as long as you want, this printer is a favorite of many photographers and artists.

Although the printer can print on sheets of various dimensions, your prints are done on rolls to save us time and you money.

Pre-cut sheets of print-ready silks are often preferablefor small size prints, but we don't carry any of them in stock. Perfect for your home printer, but awkward on the large printer.

The ink used in the printer is called UltraChrome HDX pigments. These inks have been tested to last over 400 years.

SILK remains our specialty. There are many weaves and weights of silk fibers. Scarves commonly use the Habotai - which is sometimes called 'china silk'. Silk chiffon, georgette and silk crepe de chine also make wonderful scarves. Our fabric is imported from China and Fuji, and is of the best quality available. Other fabrics available are silk charmeuse, organza, Belgian linen, silk twill, and several cotton fabrics. See the FABRICS page for more on the silks.

I am located in California's Central Valley, in a great community of artists, writers and musicians. When not painting, or printing, or writing, or teaching at the university, I enjoy exploring the beautiful landscapes of the Sierra at our back door.

Check my personal website for an overview of past exhibitions and installation pix of recent shows. I am a member of Gallery 25 in Fresno as well as the California Contemporary Art Collective.

If you like you can take a look at the work of my late husband, Ralph who was instrumental in developing Digital Silk.


Digital Silk is an affiliate of Raldon Enterprises, now in its 63rd year

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