Weight or thickness of silk.
mm (momme) means the weight or thickness of silk fabrics. On the lightest weights, prints will be equally visible on both sides of the fabric due to the thin-ness of the material .The colors are just as vibrant on the thinner fabric as on the more opaque fabrics, but as with any thin fabric it is somewhat 'see-through'.

8mm (momme) is typical scarf fabric, often called China Silk.

Habotai is also offered in a heavy 16mm which is great for wall hangings with a slight sheen and firmness. 10mm or 12mm habotai is available as special order (minimum required on silks specially ordered).

Crepe de chine:
One of my favorite fabrics for scarves is the 12mm crepe de chine. Yes, it has a 'wrong' side, but more than makes up for that in its gorgeous draping amd luxurious feel. The 12mm crepe is translucent, not transparent and as said above, has a definite wrong side and is a wonderful material. The heavy weights up to 23mm work beautifully for tapestry- type wall hangings, pillow tops, and garments. 16mm is carried in stock, and 18mm is available special order. These work wonderfully for shirts and other garments.and

This is a very transparent material, even at the 8mm weight. It has a slight 'crepe' surface and is very elegant.

Crepe Georgette
Georgette is a tad heavier than the chiffon. Similar to crepe de chine, but thinner, it is gorgeous in its fluidity and feel.
A definite favorite for high-end scarves.

Charmeuse ( available once more for small to medium size prints)
This silk is a double-weave with satin on the "top" side of the material and has a crepe weave on the reverse. It is not recommended for wall hangings or pillow tops because it will stretch in use. 12mm and 22mm currently available.

Silk Twill
Twill comes in 14mm and is often used for garments and top-of-the-line scarves such as Hermes scarves. It has a slight woven texture as you would see in denim, as example.

Silk Broadcloth
Broadcloth has a definite even weave the same is in cotton shirtings, but with the softness of silk. The weave is coarser than the habotai, better suited for garments or pillows.
It is a good choice as well for framed art.

Silk Organza
Organza is very transparent, has a plain weave, and has the appearance of starched prom dress or ballet fabric. Very elegant, but its stiff presence does not as drape as the softer fabrics.

Belgian linen
5.5 oz ivory linen is always in stock. 3 oz weight in soft white or ivory, as all as the soft white in 5.5 oz weight can be ordered with minimum order on any not standardly in stock.

Cotton fabrics such as lawn or broadcloth are available as special order. These are slightly heavier in weight/feel than many in fabric stores.